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Finally have my brain back after months of searching for it. About time….




Creep nettle.

Finger your way through hawthorn and fern,

reach beyond aged, cracked blackened roots.

Jut your bold-chinned youth

into the soft earth

and settle.

Claw down your tendrils and twist

soil beneath roots,

coil with bones and ashes and splintered pot and coal mines

and seeping cow piss

and leakage from the stream flood

into a labyrinthine sprawl.


I lifted fibrous forked out slice

steel cut against clay earth,

and slung into fire

a shaken head of ochre root hair.

And another and again

until the soil sank to soft crumb





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Frightening the Pigeons

It’s Poetry Day! 

I’ve just a few read out loud in the garden. Impromptu gig. It’s surprising how difficult it is, reading aloud to the geraniums and the few neighbours who are in and curtain twitching and wondering what the hell I’m up to….

The snails hung around for it though, but then they’re not fast movers…..

We had Elizabeth Bishop’s ‘The Fish’ and Carol Ann Duffy’s ‘Mrs Quasimodo’. 

Can’t wait for next year…….


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