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There is a half-made coat in need of attention hanging forlornly on my mannequin. It will soon be too warm to wear a coat and it will sag and gather dust and fade in the sunlight til the autumn when I shall consign it to the drawer because it will have become too familiar and will no longer be the shape of the moment. It is there because I’m spending too much of my time thinking about writing and then writing and not enough time sewing. The trouble is that I am enjoying myself and something else will have to give….housework, that’s it. I needn’t wipe so many surfaces so regularly or make the beds every day (they do need airing after all) and no one will see the dust under the table or notice the rather lovely handprint pattern which graces the staircase walls. Squalor. That’s it. Houses can be too clean…..

So. The coat. It’s navy felted wool, almost black, double-breasted, knee length and cocoon shaped. The sleeves turn back and are wide and come to just below my elbows. It doesn’t have a hem yet or buttons but it’s very nearly there and today will be the day that it is promoted to The Wardrobe.

Keep you posted…



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