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Nursing Home and Nice Roses

The Iceberg roses are beautiful this year.

My┬ámother had a hedge of them in her garden: a mass of white billowy pompoms. I’ve got more than I probably should have in a tiny garden and the delphiniums have taken the brash hump and pushed their way through.

We took a huge bunch of roses to put in my great aunt’s room when she moved into the…

Nursing Home


We put her there when we couldn’t cope,

when she’d tired you to bone.

Not meaning to.


Three years she stayed with us,

snug in that arm chair where she could see you in the garden

and wave,

her hands arthritic gnarled, veins creeping proud violet.

She had her things:

silver hair brush, remote control, Woman’s Own, a box of toffee and

I sat and brushed her hair sometimes and brought her tea.

You heaved her unable body and cleaned her and smoothed on the cream that stopped

the red sores, acid-burned into her skin.


We should have cried at the hallucinations,

the loose-lipped rabid talking without pause,

but she spoke of your childhood:

shoo-ing the geese from the yard, high pitched,

talking gently to the cows

broom in hand, arms outstretched

asking me to close the gate behind them.


We didn’t like sending her away.

Even just for a weekend to your sister

so that you could

just breathe

and sit.


You paced in her empty room and nettled your conscience

and burned cigarette ends into your guilt.


But your colour came back

and your eyes widened to clearness.




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Blog Joy and a Gong

Does anyone else not like Fridays very much? Much as I love my family, Fridays mean that the week-end’s looming and that means NOISE and FILTH and someone STEALING THE MAC. Peace shattered. Squeezing out a half-poetic words between domestics.

But today, Friday, I’ve been given a Liebster Award by the lovely and scarily talented Cricketmuse! Thank you!

I’m really thrilled (and yes, I do have fewer than 200 followers and a fine and talented cohort they are too). So now I have to pass on the blog award so here goes:

Redwater Ramblings

Eve’s poetry is a joy.


Really good writing, inspirer of escape from (my) poetic wastelands and reliever of homesickness (it’s a northern thing),


Why didn’t I think of this?


Ceramicist and poetry nut. A marvellous combination


I know diddly squat about golf and I’m not really bothered about changing that one, but I know a wise old bird when I see one.

It’s still Friday, but quite a nice one…..

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