A Bit of a Romantic

I’m a sucker for white linen. Can’t go a summer without a new white linen frock. There’s something utterly lovely about that first day, that high summer heat which permits its wearing. I’ve stopped caring too that it might be a bit transparent.

This linen came from the Cloth House, Berwick Street (it’s very nice quality).

I blame the Timotei advert circa 1980.










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10 responses to “A Bit of a Romantic

  1. Just stunning. The Cloth House does such lovely fabrics.

  2. Thanks PendleStitches. I spend far too much money there but you know in all the years that I’ve been buying from them (and it runs into decades now) there’s never a glimmer of recognition. Perhaps as well, as they could very easily tempt me into bankruptcy!

  3. Oh the romantic in me wants to love linen, but I’m one of the sort who turns crisp and summery into something you’d dry the dishes with – lovely to imagine how it might be though…

  4. I always like the deep boatneck shoulder look–very Audrey Hepburn.

  5. Gorg. Love, love it (and those Timotei adds, and now I’m thinking about the green apple scent of Woodleigh Green shampoo, remember that too?!)

  6. I love linen too – funnily enough, there’s something about the way you know it will wear out, that transience, makes it appealing. I get mine though in Goldhawk Road, there’s a run of fabric shops between Shepherds Bush market and the green. You have to ask though – they are *behind the counter*.

    • I know about the shops on Goldhawk road and must make an effort to haul myself there. I’m just on an easy automatic pilot route of Berwick St, Liberty, quick takeaway coffee at Bar Italia and back to Charing Cross in time for school pick up! Must break the mold!!

  7. Yes, white linen and summer do go well together. I especially love a white pattern on white, as in some nice embrodiered work on the bodice.

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