The Best Cake #teamnigella


I’m in my favourite day. Christmas cake day. And thanks to Nigella, it’s a pain free totally guaranteed to work day. The only thing that can go wrong is that I’ll have one too many glugs of the brandy bottle and forget to pick up the Boy from school. Will that get me onto the front page of the Sun? Or do I have to up the anti and shove some of the powdery stuff up my nostrils for that to happen? I think if I had a dead mother, a dead sister, a dead husband and a shit of a second one I’d’ve resorted to hard drugs too. Occasionally. I’ve only got one out of the four so I’ve stopped at alcohol.

If you fancy it, it’s the Easy-Action Christmas Cake, Nigella Lawson’s ‘Feast’, p92.

And it is easy and it is lovely.





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5 responses to “The Best Cake #teamnigella

  1. Have you been at the hard stuff already woman?

  2. Do you have to make it ages in advance (the cake)? If i do it after 21st will it be an ‘epic fail’? To use my children’s terminology…. Once sat next to Charles Saatchi at a lunch with Nigella, he didn’t speak, didn’t eat, smoked throughout the meal and stubbed his fag out on his plate. Nice

    • Can’t imagine that anything you make would be an epic fail! But I don’t think it needs a month in a tin for it to be delicious. Chuck some brandy on it if in doubt! Your encounter with Mr S sounds horrible and says it all..poor you having to suffer that!

  3. I totally agree…she’s had a rough time of it. And I find a glug (or two) of brandy in the cake cures all known ills…including last minute baking! 😉

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