Coat: Mission Impossible

I vowed that this year I’d BUY a winter coat. A coat that someone else had made. Cashmere. Sleek and expensive (I fancied – as in ideal but unobtainable – the red Dior, trapeze shaped, scarlet). My fingers would be saved from being needle-blunt-end punctured and I wouldn’t have to wrestle with placket pockets and broken machine needles. It’d be easy: present credit card, swathe oneself in the soft underbelly hair of a South American goat. I couldn’t do it though. I couldn’t find a decent coat that cost less then the price of a small car and I’ve worn down my shoe leather hauling my increasingly sad self from shop to shop to shop. So I made my winter coat again. Beautiful deep grey felted pure wool from the Cloth House and a cherry silk lining. I’ve worn it every day since I finished it a week last Thursday. Hope you like it….



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9 responses to “Coat: Mission Impossible

  1. Why oh why in heavens name would you buy when such loveliness is at your pin pricked finger tips! I bloody love it and have deep pocketed, placketed not to be placated coat envy….keep that cherry red lining to yerself Mrs
    From the wearer of 3rd season Zara! x

  2. Oh my goodness, that is incredible! Well and truly well jel of that. Wish you had shown us the cherry red lining though! Stunning buttons – are they embossed thick leather? I would love a coat like that, in fact it could mean I could stroll down George Street, head held high amongst the other smart ladies who shop there. Mind you, I have been stunning my friends a lot recently in the blouse you made – its been to Birminghmam Rep to see Twelve Angry Men, Newcastle Royal to see Hamlet and a ladies Charity event which it was endlessly complimented at. It really has been swishing around a lot lately and its out on show this Thurs too – Im having a special wave put in my hair by an amaz new paddle machine thing they have in my hairdressers. Seriously, our social life has improved since you made my blouse! x

  3. It’s a hot coat – one that I followed around Harrods on your second day of wearing I believe. But yes another glimpse of the cherry red lining would be lovely. Please. xx

  4. Oh my word. Worth every single needle prick. So beautiful.

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