Silver Thread

I’ve had it up to the back teeth with metallic thread. It’s a pain: it splits like giraffe legs on a frozen pond, it won’t go through the eye of a needle and it tangles without so much as a ‘sorry’.

Trouble is, it looks good….

I’m using split stitch which is a labour of love but the finished piece is tactile and smile-inducing, even if I have a punctured finger. I hate wearing a thimble, it makes me feel like Mrs Tiggywinkle….102 and spherical. 

Will this be another one for the wall? Suggestions as to what to do with it please!



Filed under embroidery, fashion, sewing

12 responses to “Silver Thread

  1. You could make it into a pillow, but it would get less wear on the wall.

  2. Stunning work, but you know the metallics will never let you go, they weave themselves into your imagination and pop out at unexpected moments!

  3. Lovely stitching. I relate to the crotchety nature of metallic thread but perservering anyway. I used to cross-stitch and metallic thread often perked the piece right up.

  4. the modern plastic metallics like this one are a little easier to sew with than the traditional metal kind, but they’re still horrible. try couching instead

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