Sea Urchin, Kenya

Sea Urchin


I got up in the night,

foot pad on cold tile

an edge broken and crumbled, sharp,

and stood at the window

watching the near light turn blue,

watching the sea gap before sky

hardening from indigo

to verdigris,

its white reef ridge

a chalk line marking the end of sea,

watching limp frilled palm leaves shiver

over water,

breathing with the quiet dry rasp of tide on sand,

my foot still sore where the jet smooth needle


where it slipped through skin into flesh,

skewered and stayed

hard black

until Hero, the boy from the village,

peed a hot stream of acid yellow

which pooled on the sand

and I laughed

at its ordinariness.



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2 responses to “Sea Urchin, Kenya

  1. A perfect poem to celebrate International Colour Day which happens to be tomorrow!

  2. I’m celebrating the double whammy of International Colour Day and World Poetry Day by wearing a yellow hat and reading poetry out loud to the pigeons!

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