New Frockage

Thought I’d better get some frock time in for myself before the big push for Christmas and the galloping rush of client frockage takes over (not to mention the small matter of a couple of armchairs to cover…).

The petrol blue wool has a smidgin of lycra and hangs beautifully. I had some yellow ochre silk lining to hand which flashes colour like the wings of a bird. And  shall be making the grey dress again and again and again….inky blue fine wool crepe next….


Filed under dressmaking, sewing

4 responses to “New Frockage

  1. So great to see you this weekend. And thankyou for T’s coat! C’s really pleased with it and it goes so well with her boots. Love the grey dress by the way. Thanks again for a lovely time and see you soon. Jxx

  2. Fab to see you too! And C’s pink patent DMs couldn’t be better xx

  3. What a stunning design, Claire! Very Ancient Greek! x

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