Decision made. Credit card flexed. Easy.

The once fuschia pink armchairs which have faded to dust are to be reincarnated in  Bute Fabrics‘s Ramshead, a glorious wool designed in collaboration with Glasgow’s Timorous Beasties. Teal blue. Or burnt orange…or that lovely purpley grey? No. It’s teal…(and the colours are more vibrant than these photographs might suggest).

It’s a tricky one to track down but I found it lurking on Liberty’s 4th floor, an unassuming, small book amongst the brash and the embroidered and the glorious, all elbowing for attention. Just there. Quiet. And every colour subtle, perfectly judged, enticing.

There is something deeply comforting about teal blue and petrol and Prussian and cobalt: they are colours which remind me of Arts and Crafts houses, of carefully crafted interiors. They are the sort of house which appears solidly settled in the earth, dependable and constant, an antidote to the boiling repetitive relentlessness of the daily grind, of excess and plate glass.

And fitting then that I shall be making them myself, although for a 1960’s concrete house.

Thanks to Bute Fabrics website for the swatch photographs.


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3 responses to “Bute-iful

  1. Nice pun! Very lovely timorous beasties. Particualrly like the hornbrook tree fabric too. And I love teal. A while ago someone told that this is the colour they associated with me. Hope it’s for the reasons you give above – that would be nice. Jxx

  2. Solid (in a good way – not in a Russain shot-putter way), dependable and constant. Yes. That’s you! xx

  3. Russian, clearly, spelling up the swanny…

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