Frightening the Pigeons

It’s Poetry Day! 

I’ve just a few read out loud in the garden. Impromptu gig. It’s surprising how difficult it is, reading aloud to the geraniums and the few neighbours who are in and curtain twitching and wondering what the hell I’m up to….

The snails hung around for it though, but then they’re not fast movers…..

We had Elizabeth Bishop’s ‘The Fish’ and Carol Ann Duffy’s ‘Mrs Quasimodo’. 

Can’t wait for next year…….


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11 responses to “Frightening the Pigeons

  1. wish i could have seen that gig! i might read some hilaire belloc to our snails later if ever get to end of this clinic! x

  2. Well thanks, I didn’t know its Poetry day so in honour of your blog I have just read ‘The Poetry of Dress’ by Robert Herrick (Im afraid not out loud though!)

  3. Jacqui Lang

    Well I gave you my poem for the worms earlier, here’s an ode to snails :
    Slimy and slippery,
    Snails are such fun.
    Slowly they move,
    They can’t even run!

    Leaving their trail
    Behind as they go.
    You can see where they’ve been
    And how very slow.

    An extract from Mr Lancaster

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