Italy. I’m still half there. Wandering around a little aimlessly, sun-flattened, that feeling you get when it’s so hot, when you have to calm everything inside just to breathe. I have the view from our house just inside my eyelids and that tarmac aniseed smell from the fields of wild fennel lodged in my nostrils.

I want to cover my sitting room walls with frescoes, replace the roof with a  Brunelleschi dome and fill my garden with olive trees and naked sculpted alabaster.

Enough fantasising. I wrote a lot of words in Italy, not all coherent. But this is ok.


Is this sleek green eel my boy?

Swimming through diamond-cut pool water to me

hair streaming as sea weed.

The same who swam from me waxed and bloodied

on that plastic hospital bed

with the speed of soap slipped from wet hands

his blue lipped face unfolding in air,

his hands starfished wanting to feel,

his skin pleated in fleshfolds on his thighs and groin.

His body is browned now by strong Tuscan sun.

Long-limbed and hard-muscled

his arms stretched and silvered in water.

He breaks the surface at my feet

and gasps hot aniseed air.


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4 responses to “Italy

  1. I have no idea how you keep producing such stunning poetry. This is a wonderful observational piece and so reminded me of wonderful family holidays. I really enjoyed it, thank you.

  2. Hi again. Sorry to be so stupid but I cant see where to subscribe to your blog? Am I missing something? I ask my son to read all your poems as he has just started his Higher English course and he is really enjoying your work too, thank you.

    • Hi Niki,
      No need to apologise!! There should be a ‘follow’ icon with a crossed circle at the bottom right of your screen. I’ve been gathering inspiration in Cornwall and it was lovely to come home last night and read your very heart warming comments. Thank you!

      • Now, this is interesting because the ‘follow’ box does not appear if I am ‘signed in’ to WP (which I would be if I am surfing blogs etc). I signed out and went back to your blog and the follow icon pops up! Sorted, thanks!

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