Blog Joy and a Gong

Does anyone else not like Fridays very much? Much as I love my family, Fridays mean that the week-end’s looming and that means NOISE and FILTH and someone STEALING THE MAC. Peace shattered. Squeezing out a half-poetic words between domestics.

But today, Friday, I’ve been given a Liebster Award by the lovely and scarily talented Cricketmuse! Thank you!

I’m really thrilled (and yes, I do have fewer than 200 followers and a fine and talented cohort they are too). So now I have to pass on the blog award so here goes:

Redwater Ramblings

Eve’s poetry is a joy.


Really good writing, inspirer of escape from (my) poetic wastelands and reliever of homesickness (it’s a northern thing),


Why didn’t I think of this?


Ceramicist and poetry nut. A marvellous combination


I know diddly squat about golf and I’m not really bothered about changing that one, but I know a wise old bird when I see one.

It’s still Friday, but quite a nice one…..


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