My dear friend, The Voice of Sanity, suggested that I post this…..there is a yellow connection, I suppose…..

The Delight of Writing on a Banana Skin with a Ball Point Pen

Feel that tiny metal ball

and the skin yielding to it, making dark lines, not of ink.

Your name.

The texture of each letter wholly satisfying.

Making those lines, those marks identifying you.

Has everyone who left a banana felt this core ecstasy,

this daily sensual pleasure?

The bananas pile high in the bowl.

Yellow grins.

And later these skins will be discarded like old slippers,

browned and untouchable.

Whoever it was that invented the curved plastic banana holder missed the point……


Filed under oddbods, writing

3 responses to “Banana

  1. The Dame

    I have never written on a banana, o meaningless life!

  2. Amanda Parker

    Yes! Immensely satisfying, I thought I was the only person who knew this! I’ve seen some gorgeous Vivienne Westwood yellow tartan skirts that would look fantastic on you, by the way – don’t write it off, skirts can be any colour you like (can’t they???). I did (too recently to be seemly) wear a yellow shorts jumpsuit to a party and got lots of ‘indulge the old bird’ looks from the hip kids of Hoxton 🙂

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